iShared Mobiliti

iShared Mobiliti 6.2

Mobiliti synchronization solution IShare Mobiliti provides a transparent incremental synchronization
6.2 (See all)

IShared Mobiltii provides a transparent synchronization and backup solution for today's remote and mobile workers. Users can operate in a Virtual Network environment when detached from the network, making IShared Mobiliti's synchronization solution extremely easy to use. Our proprietary and patented technologies enable fast synchronization and backup ensuring that only the portions of files that have changed are transmitted during synchronization and backup. IShared Mobiliti provides the enterprise a cost effective software solution that is lightweight and scalable with deployment and administration support. IShared Mobiliti is very rich in features like open outlook backup, Offline Files and Folders, Incremental File Backup and synchronization, intelligent file level differencing, Synchronization over internet, Quick File Analysis, Secure Authentication, Secure Data Transfer, E-mail Alerts, Real Time Backup, Internet Backup projects, Registry Projects, Conditional INI files, Synchronization priority, Ignore folder, Bandwidth throttling, Grace Period, Log repository and reporting tool, compression at destination and many more. IShared Mobiliti also provides mirroring, pst history and enhanced deployment features.

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